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Posted by: tanyeeloong Jul 7 2006, 02:49 PM

Hi, I am currently needed to post about my topic in a forum about my topic " Development of Gaming Industry in Singapore" for one of my subject as a form of research.

Please post some thoughts preferably, with facts, on the development of gaming industry in singapore.

P.S. Try to type in formal without chat lingo, I need to let my teacher see this. And please reply if you see this i need this by tuesday grin.gif

Posted by: zedane Jul 9 2006, 05:54 PM

It is difficult for Singapore to develop the gaming industry as it is too small. We cannot possibly compete with other countries who have started gaming development before us. And due to the fact that Singapore has a small population number, there would not be much creativity and innovation for such a field.

Posted by: bigfay Jul 9 2006, 06:09 PM

its a fast and growing business
everywhere on the internet u see links to games (and porn, probably more porn)

u search a particular mmorpg(massive multiplayer online rpgs) name on ebay, u'll get endless search results.wad do u get? sales of "ingame cash" and "ingame items" on top of sales of the games,
monthly subscriptions, "cash items", month cards- business is getting an unbelievable high from the old time "u buy game, u play unlimited hrs frm it"... where the old game servers pays for maintainance instead
of the players.

unlimited internet access monthly is the perfect weapon for aggressive players for mmorpgs, being online
24/7 puts them on advantage over all others.even girls are going mad over the games in modern age. recent survey frm newpaper/strait times indicates that 60% of online gamers are girls, whereas 5yrs ago less than 10% were girls.

the only thing not making as much about online games's single player games on the pc. but ironically, console games are keeping up with the fast growing technologies and business. frm the 1st generation atari to sega, to xbox live!(console online!) to the upcoming xbox360 and ps3. handheld games frm "brickgame-tetris" to gameboy to modern
psp/nintendoDs. all these just shows how "ownage" and "l337" the gaming industries!

i believe the gaming industries is next only to internet shopping in the mega industry of internet. although internet shopping seconds to online PORN.
and lastly, gordy u owe me a dinner


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