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Full Version: Some comment from IRC I received
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<xxxx_xxx> SGGamers??? Nah. I go there always the same 2 guys post one. Too boring, slower then GS somemore

I received this bit of feedback today. But it just seems like a chicken-and-egg to me. If these "2 guys" don't post, who would? If nobody posts, what activity would this place have? If you want people to post, why not take the initiative and start first?

Yes, take the initiative, people.

sgGamers aims to be a forum for the people by acceding to any requests that would potentially increase the intuitiveness this place has to offer (yes, a whole lot of cheem words, I know). But I guess that doesn't help much.

I just felt I had to get this off my back. Sigh... sad.gif

Sad isnt it?

Mebe its cuz we dun have the habit of comin here....

Or there jus arent many ppl ard?
I dunno... getlost.gif
If you really want to kickstart your forum, do what GS did in its early days:

Spam in the hardwarezone community.

Also, you need to cut down on the number of forums you have. Keeping things organized is one thing. But when there's hardly any active threads, what are you organizing anyway?
Actually, I think the feedback echoes the minds of a majority of people. Majority of people are not leaders and just want to find a good crowd with a good leader to follow.

Just like when you go clubbing, you won't choose to go to a dead, boring club. You'll choose to go to one that is already happening and fun.

So, that's the challenge which new forums/clubs have. Need to work hard and smart to make it lively - often tough without support. But that can't be helped. And you can't depend on majority of forum crawlers because they simply don't care. They just want to be where the cool crowd is... so you have to magically MAKE the cool crowd happen first. tongue.gif
Here's how to make this forum lively: Bring on the flames. Surely will have lots of activity then. Look at GS now!
Bring on the flames? For example? You mean there isn't enough activities aruond here? Do you know that organising an activity need a lot of effort and also need the co-operation and support of everybody?
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